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Family Friendly Restaurants in Monterey

Best Family Friendly Restaurants in Monterey | Pacific Grove

When we lived in Monterey, we ate a lot, often.  I think this is where I found the majority of the 15 pounds I brought to Northern Virginia (NOVA).  Even with all of the extra gym time the weight loss required, sampling as much of California’s central coast’s culinary scene was an integral … [Read More...]

Fall Activities in Kitsap County

Fall Activities in Kitsap County | Pumpking Patches, Mazes

Fall in Washington can be beautiful, and if pumpkin patches, haunted houses, and fall festivals are on your Bucket List, then you’re in luck! Check out this guide to Fall Fun in Kitsap County! Top Fall Activities in Kitsap County, WA FARMS, PUMPKIN PATCHES, AND CORN MAZES Pheasant Fields … [Read More...]

Kitsap County Bremerton Things To Do

Things To Do in Bremerton | Naval Base Kitsap

If you’ve been stationed at Naval Base Kitsap before or have simply shared your new orders with someone else who has, you might have heard some bad things about Bremerton. I won’t sugarcoat it; Bremerton has its bad spots just like any other city, but before you write it off completely, take a … [Read More...]

Duty Station Board Giveaway

Personalized Duty Station Sign Giveaway

Close your eyes and take yourself through this scenario that you've probably already been through. Okay, don't close your eyes, but keep … [Read More...]

ight Ideas Colorado Springs

Top 7 Date Night Restaurants in Colorado Springs for a Special Occasion

Ah, yes, the special occasion.   If you’ve ever PCS’d during a special event, like your spouse’s birthday, or one of those … [Read More...]


5 Amazing DC Suburbs

Have you ever dreamed of living in the 1950s?  Fantasized about a neighborhood full of children for your children to play with, where your … [Read More...]

Angie's Subs Jacksonville Fl

Angie’s Sub: The Veggie Tuna Sub in Jacksonville Beach, Florida

If you are ready to be immersed in local culture, nothing beats the experience you will have at Angie's Subs in Jacksonville Beach, … [Read More...]

Girls Night Omaha NE

Ladies Night Out Ideas | Omaha Entertainment

Whether you work, stay at home with kids, or stay at home and support your spouse’s career, it’s important to take some time out for … [Read More...]

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